Testimonial from In-Person 10K Run and 5K Run/Walk on July 12, 2020

It was a great time and a fun event. Everything was well organized and explained so every one knew what to do and where to go.  This includes how prepared everyone was for social distancing.  You should be extremely proud of yourselves and the volunteers who did an outstanding job!  Your sponsors should be very proud as well of the great work and example you set!  

If you have any races in the near future please let me know, as my wife has just started running and if available we would like to participate.

Thank you again!  Job well done!”

Don Meixelsperger

Testimonial from the virtual 5K Run on June 28, 2020

You did a great job with the logistics of the virtual race! I really appreciate the virtual race as option to support the cause and go running right now! I have been running a lot of these races, and your instructions and communication were by far the best!

Thank you!
Katie Johnson

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